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Welcome to this brand new website!  We hope it will become an important resource and networking hub for this community. Thank you for the support and encouragement we’ve received while we’re in the developmental phase. It means so much to hear from you.

It’s still under construction, so please forgive the the typos and first drafts. The basic framework is in place so now comes the fun part of adding more information to the various categories. Please let us know if you have any favorite resources that we should add on. Email us through the CONTACT PAGE. We love to hear from you and we love receiving your suggestions.

Keep checking back. There’s more on the way.


The goal is to assemble the best information we can find and put it all on one place for easy viewing. We’re off to a good start, but there’s so much more to bring to you. This will be an ongoing project – never finished and always growing. Later on we also aim to report on news stories as they develop.

We hope this will be a resource  that you will direct your friends to so that they too can research this important issue. This site can serve as an easy to use “Starter Kit” for people who are new to this subject by offering a handy collection of the “Best Of’s” and important referrals for further study.


In order to create positive change in our world, we need to examine the source of the problems we now face. Fortunately the truth is getting more and more obvious, and many wise and dedicated people have reported their findings for a very long time. Much creative problem solving can be discussed now. It’s time for all of us to enter into a global dialog.

We ask that you send a link for this website to your friends around the world, as well as any other related information that you know needs to spread worldwide. Especially in Europe where some of this information is not accessible and is even ILLEGAL to discuss openly. Especially when it comes to investigations into “The Holocaust”. People are in prison right now, as you read this, in Europe and other Western nations for no other reason than disagreeing with the standard enforced narrative of the so-called Holocaust. Most European countries have laws against you openly discussing information on this website.

This has got to stop. If the Holocaust were real, there would be no attack on those who question the story and offer opposing evidence. This is a major red flag we all have to take note of.

This alone should make us wonder about those who suppress this information. They have the power to use the full force of the courts, the media, and the political systems of whole nations. With this power they forbid and condemn all investigations into this and other uncomfortable historical facts. But why? If they were telling the truth and not hiding facts, then they would welcome investigation and research. But instead there are secrets they want kept, and they go to extreme measures to silence us. So isn’t that all the more reason to unearth what they are concealing from us and asking ourselves why?

Honest researchers, historians, scientists and other good people are having their lives and reputations destroyed for doing what we should all be doing – asking questions. The only right thing for all of us to do is to dig deeper, find the facts, share what we know, and demand the release of these political prisoners.

But most of all, with our newfound knowledge, we need to examine the truth about those who are such a major influence on humankind. We need to not only remove laws that attack innocent people for thinking and speaking, we need also to remove power from those who abuse it.

It’s time to be suspicious of their true motives. It’s time to free ourselves of this global domination and instill a more sane and just society.


We’d love to hear from you. We welcome your suggestions about what to include on this site. Volunteer energy to help work with us would be greatly appreciated. We need to continue to build and promote the site.

Donations are a major source of happiness and food… 🙂

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We hope this website serves you well.

Bringing people together and distilling truthful information – so that we can make intelligent assessments about the current state of global affairs – is paramount. We need to know our true history so that we can make the right decisions for the future.

We can and we must collectively co-create a better world, because after all, what’s the alternative? That’s what this movement, this cause, this issue, is all about.

We can do this… We have to… So let’s get started…