All Races and “Gender Identities” are Part of this Movement

Everybody is part of this movement because we all need to educate ourselves about what’s going on.

There has been a “Divide & Conquer” strategy inflicted upon us that has pulled us apart. This is exactly how THE POWERS THAT BE designed it.

We need to remind ourselves that we are one big human family. And we need to come together again to unite against a common foe. We must set aside infighting that stems from the misunderstandings and lies we were told about each other – again, by the Jews.

We need EVERYONE in this Movement of Liberation. Especially those who have been the most maligned and victimized BY the Jewish Elite holding power over us. Once we see who the true culprits have been all along, and how they rigged the current systems, we will realize we need to work together to solve the problems they created.

So let’s hear it from people who know what’s going on, and are our friends in this movement. Give a listen…

She mentions the Jews at 3:35. Brilliant woman sums it up in about 8 and a half minutes.

Personal Note from a co-creator of this website

I’m a gay woman. There are some voices in this movement that speak in harsh terms against us and perpetrate further misunderstanding. This is a lousy strategy to say the least. Stay focused on the true perpetrators, and not making more victims of those who’ve already been victimized enough – also by the Jews.

If you want this movement to work, you can’t afford to lose any of us. We know what oppression is, and now we are discovering how it was the Jewish Influence on human culture that created the serious and pernicious misunderstandings about human sexuality itself.

Love is a good thing. Let there be more of it.

The media shows us sexual degradation that is debasing to the human spirit – both straight and gay. It warps people’s brains for what true intimacy and sensuality is naturally about.

Back to love. Reject the lies. Back to love.

More info to present from:

Black Police Officer murdered because he investigated the Oklahoma City Bombing

Malcolm X

Louis Farrakhan