WHAT THEY BELIEVE: The Religion of the Elite, Powerful & Bamboozled

In the wacky world of religious belief systems, this has got to be the wackiest. But it’s what has developed from the psychopaths at the top. So the best thing to do is just laugh at them as we tell you what’s been in their heads.

Background story: Their ancestors came to earth after having destroyed their own home planet. They were given another chance. The local goodness and innocence helped them resettle here. But the newcomers devoured their hosts and continue to get their jollies from being common bullies wherever they could.

They created Jews with their own DNA mixed with local primitive tribes, and animals. The Jews were designed to worship them and serve them, and so they did.

Fast Forward Now: They’ve evolved a kooky religious hoax, just for the insiders, Jews and non-Jews alike. It keeps the “insiders” under control. But the “insiders” get plenty of frivolous goodies for their obedience to the false gods.

By their own accounts, and according to the mythologies they have created in this “Elite Religious Order” they are servants to “Lucifer”, who wants human sacrifice and sexual assault of they innocent as part of their rituals.


By their own accounts here, the Jews and the Freemasons, and their “insider” pals are the tools of a Luciferian god, who apparently for no other reason than to stave off boredom, is hell-bent on consuming the life force on this planet. So the International Jews and the Freemasons, World leaders, and Corporate pigs are in service to that vacuous concept of a religious order.

That’s it in a nutshell. Heavy on the nuts.

So with that in their puny little pea brains, they drag us along for a ride through their distorted playground. And it’s kept all so secret-secret-secret, which lends an extra special ego twist to the drama-drama-drama.

Again – Whatever.

Bogus ideology? Yes. But these are the people at the top, and it makes sense that this is the stuff they think about all day. They get their jollies off. And they are deluded. Not “Chosen”, but engineered by the bad dudes of the universe, who kind of messed up the recipe to begin with. Okay. If that’s what they want to believe, have at it.

But for the rest of us, now you know what’s going on at the top. Now that we know, mystery solved and the bozos are exposed.

It may seem anti-climactic now, after all the fuss they put into it, but that’s the story. Now you know now.

There’s other stuff about a Temple of Solomon, but it gets boring from this point onwards. They humiliate their members. There’s kooky sex, lots of promises and secrets – and hey you’re in the “Elite“ club. Elite: code word for loser with time on your hands… and just as gullible to fall for this crap as those of us who you called gullible when they played tricks on us.

We didn’t know your secrets before, but now that we do, you’re the stupid one after all.

They got bennies from that membership, but just more stuff they could buy for you, but they were really Buying You. Stroke your ego, good doggie, now go fetch my slippers. And you did.

Back to the basics, they run the banks, so they can buy anything, that includes you too. They run Hollywood and the News Media. So the Star Making Machinery can churn out another famous clone. Lauded in the media for simply standing in front of a camera, or have actual talented people write their songs, or teach the simpleton tool to read the scripts put in front of them.

Yes, these are the Elites. They run things. And they can get short term jollies because their zoo keeper owns the Candy Store. All they have to do is follow orders. Until they die.

That was fun.

We just exposed the Ruling Elite.

Another pack of losers, but on a higher, and more gullible order.

Now, what about us?

The actual good-hearted humans who call this earth our home?

Our home which was temporarily infected by bogus bullshit?

We are the good earth people who had our home invaded and taken over.

They took from us what we created. They abused us. They get a few of us on their team and they’ve run things into the ground.

Good poetic news:

Nothing forged on earth can forever last.

Absurdities fall to the wayside fast.

There’s a weak spot… and it is this … even those who are part of the machinery, know that even this fairytale gets empty after awhile. And ultimately the losses far outweigh the gains for everyone involved. And awakening from delusion is inescapable for everyone.

From the inside, there will be a dissolution of the order. Starting with those who are of a higher character than to bother any further with the pettiness of this counterfeit Ruling Elite.

What to do?

Overthrow the tyrants they’ve been working for.

With the help of some of us outsiders.

An abrupt disassembly of the chain of command.

Those higher up in this echelon can see if for what it is. Another pack of lies, that makes someone else happy in a twisted way, but why waste another day in service to someone else’s ego trip?

There’s far more satisfaction in toppling a house of cards that’s long over due for clearing the way for other things to grow.

They also say they’re destroying the atmosphere of earth to make it more hospitable for the “advanced” life forms they serve, so those gods can manifest here. Another joke they fell for. Gullible followers.

This is and this isn’t funny. What they’ve done, while squandering their power, is indelibly on their souls for all to see.

This isn’t make-believe. But this is what they believed and they fell for the smoke and mirrors and pageantry. They did the dirtiest of the dirty work.

They have super-science to create “big booms” and for this they felt powerful. They know genetic modification, and used it against those they modified. They know our psychology, but so do we.

The truth they desperately hide from us is this: All beings are free and equal and limitless. That said, we can and will overthrow our oppressors. From the inside out, from the outside in. From the top down, and from the bottom up. We will be free.

Now that we know, what the background noise has been all about – Let’s get back to the original plan – We gotta toss these baboons from power – Game over.

Let’s move on it.