What Really Happened



 About us

We are a group of people in the United Kingdom interested in an open-minded approach to history, particularly the history of wars in the twentieth century. We do not automatically believe everything we are told in the media, but neither do we indulge in knee-jerk rejection or rush headlong into conspiratorial counter-theories. 

We are mainly, though not exclusively, interested in the Second World War and the German treatment of Jews during that conflict, since this is the area where free enquiry is most actively and efficiently suppressed by force of law and imprisonment in some countries and by taboo in all. The topic is protected from any objective investigation by an electric fence of emotion and insult, with the result that few other than those with a political axe to grind dare question the received story. We have no such axe. We have looked at the orthodox story and at the arguments brought against it by Revisionists, and we find that, at the very least, the Revisionists have raised questions  which so far have not been satisfactorily answered.