Different Opinions on this Website – Good

There is a very mixed narrative here. Good. Find where your opinions align and don’t. This is an open opportunity for much information. Who knows what’s true from what’s not, be we need to air out all possibilities for free examination.

Not saying we know the exact facts. But let’s present the facts as many others see them. Then let’s examine the info with a clear head and seasoned judgment. No rash knee jerk reactions. please examine first. Please research. When it’s time for the search for solutions, many voices together and a sensible review of all the facts as we can discern is what is called for .

This is a search for solutions. That means we need to examine all the information. Even if we disagree, there must be a place to present the research as offered by a wide variety of presenter and authorities.

Obviously, some of this information can be wrong, or simply miss the mark where conjecture is concerned. An open examination is what this must be about. Some are diametrically opposed. Good. That means we’re doing our job.

Now you need to do yours. Please read the articles, view the videos, listen to the podcasts. This is clearly not a subject untouched by intellectual study. This is an issue. And the people who are involved have put their lives on the line to speak with us about it. Do not discount that fact. If someone is risking their lives to talk with you, then their message deserves at least a fair and honest review.

There are disagreements about the details. There will be inconsistencies about some of the information that many of these people are presenting. But they are pointing in the same direction, even if all the minutia is not completely agreed upon. But they are all in agreement that we must keep the eye on Israel about international politics.

There are many different personalities who are speaking out. Bravo. Keep talking. We need you.

There will be differences of opinion in the process of hammering out the fine facts we are seeking. Good again. Keep it civil friends. Keep it passionate too.