Slavery – A Jewish Business

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Article – The Jewish Religion’s Role in the Slave Trade and Sexual Abuse  Well documented. Backed up by facts. Long list of footnotes and scholarly citings.

The Jewish Religion’s Position on the Slave Trade and Sexual Abuse: The Shocking Truth!





David Irving introduces Prof. Tony Martin, a black scholar who addresses the history of the Slave Trade and the Jewish connection with the SLAVE TRADE of ALL RACES.

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Personal Message – My Great Grandfather,  Byron Bailey, fought in the Civil War.  His family was not only opposed to slavery, but his father was the famous abolitionist William Shreve Bailey who had a printing press and published an Anti Slavery newspaper in the South. He was nearly assassinated 5 times and his home was burned to the ground, sending himself, his wife, and their 10 children fleeing for their lives. They got another printing press and they got right back to work. Their publication was called “The Free South” and every abolitionist worth their salt subscribed to it.

This is the kind of passion that white people had for ending slavery, and this sense of equality for all of the human family is in my bones today. We have no time and no need for “White Guilt” today. We are all together, working for a better world.

I have a picture of this book here because my ancestors were featured prominently in this book.

Please remember, it was the white race who ended slavery here. It was the Jewish race that brought it to America, and many places around the world, and they have perpetuated it to this day. The Hollywood Jews make movies that do not reveal the true history of slavery. Please see these videos, please research more. My ancestors fought for equality, they were white, Countless numbers of white people have dedicated their lives to, and even lost their lives for, this issue. Please, no more white guilt. It’s based on lies that need to stop.