If things were going well on the face of the earth, that would be great. If the ruling elite were kind and giving, well terrific. But it’s simply not that way is it?

Describe the hardship.

And all of this is occurring in a top down fashion.

The economics is deplorable, and deliberate.

They are obviously not here to help. Quite the contrary.

We need to defend ourselves from this ruling monstrosity and take back our lives, our minds, our spirituality, and our nations. We need to find the truth and respond accordingly.

The jews have slaughtered us by the millions and continue to do so throughout the ages. rarely is there a time on earth history when we have not been duped into senseless wars for their pleasure and their gain.

We the humans, originate, they the jews seize what we have created, destroy us, then say “Well it’s the American people to blame.” or “There is something violent and corrupt in the human spirit”. All lies, they did the evil deeds, and then they get us to feel bad about it. They point to us and say we did it. We did not, we are innocent. We have been lied to and now in this time of awakening we can break free and be absolved of such accusation and place the fault where it really lies, with the jews themselves.