Communism is Bad


Forget the niceties you’ve heard. Words like Communal, Community, Communing are not what this is about.

Also when they call a horrible upheaval in a country a “Revolution” it can be just to mislead us as to what it was really all about.

The “Russian Revolution” tens of millions starved and slaughtered and tortured to death. The”Chinese Revolution” again, 10s of millions systematically wiped out.

The Jewish idea of a Revolution is not what you’re looking for. Millions of people who signed up with he Jews for a Revolution were rendered dead.

And back to the idea of divide and conquer, if they create Communism, and then they have America fighting Communism, this is the stuff of global catastrophe.

So again, they can set groups of people against each other and watch the mayhem ensue, then redraw the lines on the map over and over again.