Shocking Rate of “SUICIDES” of Soldiers Returning Home

A FaceBook exchange inspired this page.
The point we’re trying to make here is that perhaps some of these losses of life are not “suicides” at all. What if the former soldiers “knew too much” and were simply “done away with” before they started talking about what they really knew was going on?
Please read and think it over…
 NAME WITHHELD – Last night I saw this statistic: roughly 22 veterans die by suicide every day, or one every 65 minutes. Some sources suggest that this rate may be undercounting suicides.

Where’s the outrage? Where are the protests, and students carrying signs? Why aren’t soldiers or students rallying for PTSD help or war control? Why does gun violence and gun control get national media coverage and this does not? PTSD doesn’t fit their agenda. We’re still being played.

Full disclosure: I’ve never served in the military.

NAME WITHHELD – Something being done is good, but the point of the OP is about the lack of media attention and outrage over these particular deaths. The perception is that when someone is shot to death, no matter who it is, the media spends a good deal of time on the

NAME WITHHELD – Sure, except it was in the media all the time when Obama was in office. There was actually a team that came through maine to pick up homeless vets, like real action. Currently the media is spending all their time talking about Trump Daniels…

NAME WITHHELD – I’m with you – we need to bring attention to PTSD and suicide among veterans. We need to stop sending our troops out to these colonial/for-profit wars. Many don’t come back the same – while our politicians who voted for it stuff their stomachs with stake and wine. They use our troops but aren’t taking care of them

NAME WITHHELD – A friend of mine ended his suffering 2 weeks ago. No one had a clue that anything was wrong.

NAME WITHHELD I wrote below about my friend losing her son to an “accident”. When I read what you wrote, it makes me question the loss of your friend 2 weeks ago. I’m so sorry for your loss and for all those affected by it. I hate that my head goes to “foul play” on a higher order, but the rate of “suicides” is way over the top statistically. Sorry for my question, but, could the military have simply wanted a former soldier who knew too much “out of the way”?

NAME WITHHELD – I agree with Omer Malik’s comment. The problem isn’t the fault of the rest of us for not protesting the suicides, or for not being able to figure out how to stop them. It isn’t even a question of it being “our fault” for what the government has been do…

NAME WITHHELD Yep, a good 1/4th of suicides in the US are veterans.

NAME WITHHELD – A friend’s son, who was in the military, died in a car wreck 2 weeks after returning home. My head goes to: Is there an attempt with “the powers that be” to eliminate soldiers who “know too much”? Suicides, accidents, too many to count. My friend’s son was in some kind of special ops, stuff he couldn’t talk about. He leaves the military and he dies, just like that… I just wonder if “those in control” simply don’t want former soldiers to talk about what they know after they leave the service… BTW my friend who lost her son owned the ambulance company that picked up his body, it was the family business. There seemed to be no real cause for his going off the side of the road as he apparently did, no witnesses, middle of the night. He was never suicidal and thrilled to be out of the military and starting his life over again. Loved his family. Then pow, dead. And the questions linger…