Ever Wonder How the World Got To Be This Way?

The world itself is a beautiful place, but the human situation can often be confusing, to say the least.

It isn’t always honest “human error” that creates the big messes we see around us. Sometimes there’s a deliberate and strategic effort to benefit the very few “at the top” much to the dismay of the rest of us.

That said, we have to ask ourselves:  “What’s really going on here and who exactly is doing this to us?” Then we have to boldly accept the answers to these questions, even if it’s not how we wanted it to be.

Spoiler Alert:  This website is called “IT’S THE JEWS” so it’s probably an easy guess where all of this is leading. So let’s just assume that we’ve already revealed the surprise answer.

But before we continue, we also need to say loud and clear…

We Do Not Mean ALL Jews !

That would be impossible. So take a deep breath and we’ll try to explain. Only a very small percentage of people who “Happen to Be Jewish” are in control of the planet, along with some of their non-Jewish collaborators. But this is obviously not ALL Jews on the planet. So that’s good news right there.

We want to help unite humanity for the good of ALL. Most of our Jewish friends are no stranger to the fact that many of the worldly systems in place are not working out for most Jewish people either. They too would like to see change. So let the innocent remain innocent and let’s only bring our attention to the actual “Powers That Be”.

Good, now that we’ve  got that out of the way, let’s get back to finding answers…

In the interest of “Making the world a better place” we ask questions and find answers. It’s a lot of fun, actually, to solve the mysteries and to “Save the World”. So with this website we open the conversation up to those who may be unfamiliar with this research, but are now ready to take their first big steps to catching up with the facts.

Understanding “SOCIAL SYSTEMS”

Let’s start with this framework. There develops in all societies, large and small, certain systems and structures to help the community operate.  These are good things when they are functioning properly, depending on who’s running them.

Let’s look at our major global social systems today. They are not functioning properly because there are people in charge who, for reasons of their own, do not want these systems to function “for the good of all”.  They have personal agendas that make no sense to the rest of us.

Whoever controls these social systems, controls the world and controls us. So it’s best if “Control” is given only to people who can carry on the good work, with the good intentions, so that the systems function for the good of ALL people.

Here are Some of the “SOCIAL SYSTEMS” that Control Everything:

Banking Systems • The News Media • Hollywood & The Entertainment Industry • Our Governments & Political Decision Making • Courts & the Legal System • Healthcare • Insurance Companies • Education • The Sciences • Wall Street • Food Production • Environmental Protection • Oil & Auto Companies • Most Big Corporations & Conglomerates  • Armaments Dealers • Book, Newspaper & Magazine Publishing • Radio Programming • Music & the Arts • The Federal Reserve & International Monetary Fund • International Relations • The Systems of Making War • Complete Control of Nearly Every Country on Earth • And the List Goes On…

Keep in mind that nearly all of these systems are mostly, if not completely, controlled by Jews and their collaborators. Honest, we can back this up and will show proof throughout this website.

The people “In Control” of these systems have worked very hard to be “In Control” and we don’t even know who most of them are because they are operating “behind the scenes”. We have to follow the lines of power to find out who they are and what their affiliations and intentions are.

The simplest solution to our worldly woes, when a major social system becomes dysfunctional, is to fire the people who are doing a really bad job, and hire new people who would be better qualified to be not just competent, but “nicer” to us all. If these systems are staffed by good people with good intentions, we have good outcomes. If not, well, that’s what we’ve got going on today.

Please note:  If our systems aren’t working, DON’T “CRASH” THE SYSTEM!  Improve it instead. We never want to crash a system with the fantasy that it will magically rebuild itself for the better. Or that we could all go back to nature and live off the land, like our ancestors, who were eaten by bigger animals before they even turned 30. “Back to nature” does not mean that we novices could survive even one dry spell if we grew crops to live off of. Famine sucks, let’s avoid that too.

No, we do not want to go back to “roughing it”, we want to create better societies that can support thriving cultures. We want to transform the systems we have for the better, and to transform them gently, for a smooth transition. There are better ways of doing things on a large scale, and to accommodate all the good potential that all of us possess.

So, let’s look more closely. We can see, for instance, that the Healthcare system is not healthy. That means there are those in control of Healthcare (and the Insurance companies that have a strangle-hold on Healthcare) who want it this way. A lot of effort is put into NOT helping people, literally killing us inhumanely. So when something is this well orchestrated to be this awful, and carried out with such precision, top-down, we know it’s deliberately done by people who want the outcomes that they are achieving. Somebody somewhere, at the top, does not like us and they are hurting us. But who are they? Let’s find out who “they” are and remove them from the power they have over us.

Again, we remind you, that most of the people in charge of these Social Systems “just happen to be Jewish” along with others who are conspiring with them. Keep in mind though, it’s not about money. They control all the money already, but more about that soon.

Keep this simple. All of our social structures need to be well-staffed with qualified “Nice People”. If they’re not working “For the Good of All” then they need to be fired from their jobs. Hire better people to run our social systems. Easy. We can do that.

What if the Future of Life on Earth Depended on Everyone Studying and Understanding this Information?

Well, it does. So thank you for your willingness to examine some important, yet still controversial information… and there’s lots of it here.

As you can see, this line of questioning gets pretty interesting after awhile. Keep in mind, if the future of all life on earth depends on finding the truth, then perhaps we’d best not shy away from the answers. So even if these answers initially make us feel uncomfortable, we still need to move boldly forward.

The information we give you in this website is from literally thousands of sincere researchers, documentary film makers, authors, speakers, and people who care. We present factual evidence, eye witness accounts, and scholarly research.

Good people have suffered for their sincere efforts to bring this information to you. Because those in power also have the power to destroy people who know too much. The good guys have suffered enough, so please listen to them, they’re trying to help us. The Ruling Class has the power to mock, vilify and persecute those who know. It’s an old story, we’ve seen this before, but now this is changing.


Sounds silly? It’s the most important thing we can do. In the face of these challenges, it is only through our inner world, our personal consciousness and attitudes, that we can make the changes in the world that need to occur. We have to be cheerful and upbeat in creating change. Even if what we’re learning seems to be anything but that. We choose the world we live in, by how we choose to live in our own inner worlds. Make it a happy place, inside and out.

This is difficult information for some of us to face. We need to wade through the quagmire of some pretty sobering facts about history, the lies we were told, and the senseless loss of life. For that reason, whenever possible, we want to make this as easy as possible to look at.

So for this reason we built this website with bright colors, smiley faces, cartoons to uplift the spirits, and we deliberately attempt a positive energy frequency. Right from the get go, this needs to be positive, energizing, and life-affirming. Let’s keep our intentions on MAKING THINGS BETTER NOW, so we can get right on track and stay on the right track.


We have to do the bravest thing we’ve ever done. Face the Truth and Tell the Truth. Find the answers and talk about it. It would be IMMORAL to remain silent. Silence only serves the “Ruling Elite” which has been hellbent on harming us, the planet, and our precious cultural heritages.

People may argue with us about it, but that’s good. That means we’ve got the conversation started. These facts need to become common knowledge, so it’s up to all of us to spread the word. We have to do the right thing, and speaking out is the right thing.

Uniting Not Dividing Us

Problems are only solved by facing them. The problems we are facing, can only be solved by ALL of us working together, inclusive of all Races, Ethnicities, Nations, Religions, and Sexual Orientations. We have to stop dividing and we have to start uniting. All people, working together for the good of all, can only be a good thing.

More People Know The Truth Now … and Every Day More People Are Finding Out

These facts are swiftly becoming “Common Knowledge”. We will all have to adjust to it sooner or later and to respond accordingly. We do not have the luxury of ignoring it anymore. Give yourself time to study it and to wrap your head around it, and soon everything will become clear. Then we can operate from TRUTH rather than the deceptions that have been foisted upon us.

The reassuring fact is that Millions of people (if not Billions, seriously) already know this information. It’s been the best kept (yet loudest) secret ever. And every day, more and more of us are becoming aware of it due to the sincere efforts of real people, like you and me, who are willing to talk about it. There are brave truth-tellers who have risked all, to alert us to what the “Powers That Be” do not want us to know. But everything is different now. We’re waking up.

When everyone is aware, and these facts become common knowledge, then we can actually co-create an amazing new world together to counter the old paradigm and to bring in the new.

Congratulations for Being Part of this New Global Awareness… and for Telling the Truth

So read on. It just keeps getting better.