Inconvenient History

A Quarterly Journal for Free Historical Inquiry


Cutting through the exaggerations, lies and propaganda of the Holocaust story has to be the starting point for any contemporary revisionist and any contemporary revisionist journal. The territory is plagued of course, with the minefield of charges of “Holocaust denial,” “racism,” “anti-Semitism,” and “neo-Nazism.” Despite the persecution and insults, revisionists understand that the myths of the Holocaust have smothered out a proper and accurate understanding of the Second World War.

Our desire is to return to the roots of revisionism without any political agenda or desire to whitewash totalitarian regimes. We are free-thinkers who seek to support the concept of intellectual freedom as a means to peace and understanding among nations, groups and individuals of every description. We are not interested in conspiracy theories; we are interested in revealing real history and supporting the freedom of historians to explore even the most sacred of historical dogmas without fear of reprisal.