Mike Walsh

Mike (Michael) Walsh is an author, poet, historian and lifelong activist. He has authored 40 book titles and ghosted as many more. His ten truth books on the Reich are the most popular of the Mike Walsh library of European thought.

Mike Walsh is a regular broadcaster, especially on U.S networks. In the past he has debated on British national television, ITV, ITN and the BBC; also local radio stations and U.S. radio broadcasters.

Mike Walsh’s masterpiece has undoubtedly been his four volumes WITNESS TO HISTORY set of books. He says, “I wanted just one title that would truthfully chronicle the Reich from 1914 – 1950. My purpose was to create one title that would effectively torpedo the victors’ propaganda that has defamed National Socialism, protected Bolshevism, and censored information relating to Wall Street’s partnership with Bolshevik Russia.

He believes WITNESS TO HISTORY starts off where Did Six Million Really Die left off. Such topics are one issue; WITNESS TO HISTORY explains the Reich in its entirety. For this reason he believes that WITNESS TO HISTORY, and his other titles, are essential reading for those wishing to understand the 20th Century’s much troubled history. WITNESS TO HISTORY is one of the few books that can change history.

See His Website – http://spinfreehistory.com/

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Article at Renegade Tribune – http://www.renegadetribune.com/author/mwalsh/