1776 – America Stolen by the Jews

Stolen Nation – How the Jews stole America before 1776

Why do we think that America started before by the “Founding Fathers” in 1776? Because we’ve been taught that in schools and shown that in entertainment endotrination films all our lives.

But what’s the truth?

There was an America, there was a political system in place, well before the familiar suits signing a ‘Declaration of Independence” that we are not taught the words of was established and signed by an assembly of Jews, Freemasons, and wealthy psychopaths who seized power in America long after an established government had been in place.

Why weren’t we told this?

Why is the common knowledge only about Washington Jefferson Hamilton and the monied imdividuals who made up the “Continental Congress”.

America was not of the People once the Jewish and Freemason ruling elite stepped in, took charge and murdered thousands of the original Americans via the so called American Revolution.

Please remember, that when the word Revolution is in play, it often means the jews are destroying us. Take for instance:

French Revolution

Russian Revolution

Chinese Revolution

Industrial Revolution (enslavement and worked to death)

And no less was this so for the American Revolution

That school children, such as ourselves were taught to revere as our proud national history, when all it was was the the ruthless take over of the jews and freemasons of what had been for a few hundred a truly free nation, with a previously established much looser code of self-governance. In the new conquered nation, the jews used some of the language that was patriotic and proud, and interspersed it with the fine print of top down domination.

To be later re-enforeced by the jew Lincoln.

They knew to write letters that would be for public consumption. They knew to burn letters that would be speaking of the real cloak and dagger politics which they festooned.

The Jewish Slave trade.  Jews have been the moving force behind all enslavement since their emergence.

Their religion was created by the retarded monsters that sought refuge here after they destroyed their original homelands. They were naively welcomed and their rescuers were savagely betrayed, and we have been ever since.

Until we eradicate this vicious force of personality that is the pre-fabricated jew, there will be no peace on earth.