“Everything You Know is Wrong” – Applies to All of Us

But is that surprising?

And don’t feel alone. It’s happening to almost all of us. Unless you’re one of the insiders who works for the “higher ups” in this charade of deception that has conquered the human psyche for more years than we can imagine.

Here’s the scoop – Is it any surprise that sometime Hollywood movies are any less than accurate when they depict historical event? Can you imagine a hidden agenda that would delight in creating movies that would mislead people about the particulars of any historical event? A screenplay to tell a story that was outright bolderdash, but effective in misleading the public?

Can you imagine the News Media outright lying. Okay, ‘nough said about that.

Can you imagine politicians not caring about the people, and working for others who are ‘higher up’ ?

Gee, I guess it’s easy to realize, the possibility, and maybe even the probability that we are all collectively being lied to.

The grand mystery is this:  Who is doing the lying?  Why are they lying? What is the ultimate gain they are getting out of it?

Please. We need to ask. We need to know. Our very lives not only depend on it, but literally the future of everything.

So let’s examine the information. Let’s look at what investigators have discovered and have proven. Let’s look at the obvious facts that are not disputed at all and put our heads together to realize something very hard to look at, but let’s look at it anyway, because we have to.

The Jews run everything. We are being lied to. The true history of humanity is a bloodbath of deception. And until we are willing to face it, life on earth will only get worse. Please, let’s look at the facts. And this website hopes to make it easier for all of us to understand what’s really going on.

Tell everyone you know, everyone you don’t know. This is important.

“Find out what all the fuss is about.” can be our tagline. But this is as serious as can be. This could be the beginning of finding out the nature of reality itself, if we just are brave enough to look.