Jews as Tools of Their “Gods”

We must see the bigger picture.

Jews Rule the Freemasons and others clubs of control.

Who created the Jews?

The other-dimensional beings of deception and chaos.

Who are the so-called gods they site in their own historical writings?

These are not spiritual texts they are systems of controlling jews and of jews controlling non jews.

Jews dietary habits because they would go mad and kill each other otherwise as happens when jews are incarcerated together without strict controls. they are animals and will revert to animal behaviors, foaming at the mouth quickly.


Their gods are…

Yawheh & Jehova




Lucifer (as the Freemasons were taught)

So we are told there is only one god.

However we are also told in genesis we the gods created… in our own image. we and our means a multiplicity.

and we are told in commandments #1 thou shalt have no other god before me… which me do you speak of?

The god was Lucifer?  Who says?


All Jewish Gods are false gods.

They created judaism to have uninformed Jews worship false gods

And they created christianity to have non jews worship their false gods

they created islam to have non jews worship their false gods

and they control these people to the extent that they will die for the relgions created by and for the false gods.

Jews were created by these false gods. Non-jews were ensared by jews with their religions and secret societies.


They are the little bugs to be squished. Nothing more.


Why do they call it “The oldest hatred” to hate the Jews?

There is a reason for hate. And the hated often earns it.