Global Heroin Addiction. Poppy Fields in Afghanistan Guarded by US Troops.

Jews and the Israeli Elite run the worldwide heroin trade.

No matter how the news media spins the story, we know that the Jews operate the banking systems worldwide. They can create poverty in any country. If they create a situation where the only work to be had is farming poppies, and then processing and dealing heroin, then those are the only available jobs.

At the top, it’s Jews creating and dispensing a poison that is destroying the lives of millions of people around the world and systematically is destroying human culture. And they know exactly what they’re doing and they know to what end. On an individual basis we see the senseless death, lifelong brain damage, families destroyed, lives ruined. But for the ultimate controllers, it’s all going according to plan.

Big business, yes, but at the top, remember, it’s not about making money. They already control the global economy and can print all paper money they want. The employees below them have to chase that paper money. But at the top, those in control have other goals in mind.

What is the outcome they’re looking for?  Let’s let’s look at the results. Human suffering, a weakening of the people of all nations where the heroin trade is set up. It’s a slow, yet effective genocide. Lifelong disability and the decline of human culture on a massive scale. All of us and all of our communities are scarred by this deliberate, pre-meditated assault on human lives and human culture.

And it’s the Jews who are behind it all.

The US Government is controlled by Israel and the Jewish Influence. As are most countries throughout the world. Obviously, it’s time to take our countries back and to recreate the nations, cultures and the people who we were meant to become.

The CIA is owned and operated by the International Jewish Influence. So whenever you hear “The CIA did it” be sure to translate that to “The Jews who operate the CIA did it”.

See 4:00 for the flag of Israel.