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Broadcasting from Gothenburg, Sweden. Henrik Palmgren is an Independent Researcher, New Media Producer, Radio Talk Show Host of Red Ice Radio, Video Producer, Independent Journalist & Editor-In-Chief of News Website Red Ice Creations. Current: Director Red Ice Creation



I remember the exact moment like it was yesterday.

I just caught wind of a guy named Eric Dubay from a few YouTube vids. Red Ice, who had run a good many spiritual shows had an interview. I clicked. Listened happily, and then Eric Dubay dropped the IT’S THE JEWS bomb. And he and Host went right for it. My jaw dropped. I listened. I was changed forever.

They went onto recommend “Hitler – the greatest story never told”, and others.

So I will forever be thankful to Henrik, this Station, and to Eric Dubay for being my introduction to this important insight into Earthly Reality.