Jews Lie to Freemasons

The Jews are telling the Freemasons Jewish airy tales and getting them to engage in activities that otherwise they never would have engaged in.

As they move up in the “degrees” the teachings get darker. It moves from the facade of community service, to engaging in activities that are sneaky, and simply serve the Jewish Agenda. They do not even know, no matter high up they engage in the ranks, how the are being used as tools to serve the Jews. They may be rewarded by business opportunities or financial compensation, getting their egos inflated by lies and twisted history lessons, even sexual favors are enough to drag them in and keep them coming back for more.

But ultimately, the freemason too is being used by the jews to advance their agendas

And as they are told from the beginning, they will be killed if they do not keep the secrets of the order. So the ultimate truth is their lives mean nothing to the ruling elite. they will be snuffed for a transgression that reveals what the Jews are really up to.

Jews run Freemasonry. Jews kill freemasons and others who do not comply & cooperate.

Freemasonry is what those who have left it say it is. Freemasonry is evil. Freemasonry is run by Jews. And members are being hoodwinked,and used, but some like the free sex and human sacrifice as they rise in the ranks. This is where the Jews filter out the psychopathic partners they can use in their criminal activities. Suckers go for glory, they may get it in return for their slavery to the Jewish Freemasonic cult. But they wasted their lives and they know it. They were just being used and they know it. They were always being lied to in this massive creepy cult and they know it.

Pretty sad and twisted and it’s been a Jewish tool for hundreds of years that they’ll admit to, but thousands of years. If that really is when they took it over and twisted the stories. Or perhaps it was they who started it thousands of years ago. Whether it’s hundreds of years or thousands of years, in the here and now they are still active and the current members serve a jewish agenda and engage in crimes for their jewish controllers. They all need to be busted for their crimes, unless they come clean and report the truth under the protection of police immunity.