Media – Luciferian Imagery – Wazzup With That?

Rock videos. Award ceremonies. Sporting event intro & halftime shows.

All reflecting shocking degree of pro-satanic bedazzlement.

Why? Seeking more converts to the jewish cause.

The jewish holy bible… the gods named in the old testament… were satanic and required human sacrifice. hidden in plane sight is the true nature of the jewish gods. killing villages of non jews, sacrificing babies and anyone, it’s in the Bible, it’s shocking, and yet this is a worshipful text?

The jewish gods are demonic. clearly. and they are the ones in control. now more than ever, we see their influence and they want non-jews to be the converts to this demonology.

Freemasonry holds Lucifer at the top.

So did Theosophists via Annie Besant and Blavatsky. This was an ‘alternative’ religion based on bastardized hindu gods and ideology.

Rock videos with Lucifer – why the heck???

There is an agenda, to get fan worship to veer the unaware to thinking devils are sexy and to go that way. It was silly before. But now that we understand it is all about the jewish gods and the jewish influence, the sinister nature is in our faces and we have to sound the alarm. This is blatant devil, satanic, lucifereina, and they do sacrifice people.

I never had a thought of such things before, thought it was all silly beliefs and untrue.

But now that we can trace it directly to the jewish agenda. the fiendish lies of lucifereina gods, make more sense as big lies to ensure innocents and to get even more blood out of us.

False gods? yes.

Not worthy of our worship if ultimately all they want to do is devour us and others innocents.