It is real. It has been happening forever. All races need to take this seriously. Now.

Forced immigration into traditionally white regions.

They want to get jews to move to Israel – The Greater Israeli Project. Ken O’Keefe addresses this topic excellent. Where will they come from? The crushed European nations, and the disabled America. There will be one powerful nation, Israel, and the rest of the world will be enslaved and layed in ruins.

VIDEO – The awful jew woman quote.

I remember growing up it was all about overpopulation, and the best thing to do is to never have children so as not to add to there problem. That was the message foisted upon white cultures throughout the world. Get it?

Homosexuality is now promoted because there’s less likelihood of accidental pregnancy with gay sex. And this is promoted mostly in white cultures where more white children are severely frowned upon, by jewish media.

in Canada the radio stations Blair away at white guilt and the 1st nation people’s oppression. when all along it was the jews who destroyed the native cultures, paying whites to do it, but the operation was led by jews, now make the white pepole feel so guilty as to not event want to give birth to their own white babies.

jewish psychological warfare as perpetrated throughout all forms of media – which they own and operate. and with limitless fund because the jewish bankers can just move money to any of their operations, we are financially defeated as well as ideologically defeated and unable to defend ourselves from even our own kinfolk who have been brainwashed to believe everything said in the jewish media.

please notice the truth. they are killing us. we do not deserve this.