All of Their Holidays are Sacrificial Rituals – Honoring All of the Civilizations They Have Destroyed

All of Their Holidays are Sacrificial Rituals – Honoring All of the Civilizations They Have Destroyed


Purim. Book of Esther. Destruction of Persia. Ritual for children is creating a pastry in the shape of ears. To eat the ears of those who were slain

Hanakah – Destuction of Greece.

Rosh Hoshanah

They celebrate no holiday that does not include the remembrance of a civilization they destroyed. They say the holiday means “forgiveness” “remembrance” as a cover for what it really means. So the good jews can interpret, oh how nice, we forgive, but then it’s a way for the Upper Echelon Jews to squash the celebrator just a little bit more.

The jews you know did not invent this system. They were born into it.

Jews did die in WW2 – According to plan. The plan of the Jews Upstairs. Who are friends to none, not even their own. Jews are as much enslaved by the “Chosen” Elite Jewish Master Race as anyone else. In that regard we are all equal. One small tribe, in control of all else is ruling the world.


Whoever you are – You are not free. Not as long as they rule over you.


I remember a skit on a tv show called Saturday Night Live. They were explaining Hanakah. They made a joke that all Jewish holidays boil down to “They tried to kill us. We won. Let’s eat.” Funny. At first.

The truth is more like:  The Jews enter a civilization. They gain power and they steal from it. The locals are resentful and fight back. That culture is destroyed. “Le Chaim! To Life!”


What’s next on the list?  The Western Nations. It’s gearing up right now. It’s obvious. We are in Their End Days, if we let it be so.

We are all in the crosshairs of history, quite clearly, America, Australia, Europe.

Forced Migration of other ethnicities was a cover for bringing in paid assassins who will do the dirty work. They will blame the innocent immigrants.

If the citizens of those countries try to defend their lives, they will be called racists, murders, unAmerican, for not accepting the impending death that the Upper Elite Jews are trying to inflict upon us, just like all of their ancestors in an unbroken chain of atrocities.

In short. You’re next.

No matter what your race, it will not protect you. They advertise the next “Civil War” as they call it. Blacks will die because Jews like killing blacks too. Hispanics will die because they like killing and torturing Hispanics too. White genocide is easy now.

No one race will be spared, not even you. History proves it.

In this long line up of culture killings, and individual knock offs, the line path to history, ends with you. Or you end with it.


The Cabala – The Holy Book of how it’s okay to openly kill more Non-Jews… states that…

Cabala is where we get the word “Cabal” mean a small group of secretive players who do sinister things undetected. A small cabal of jewish nationalist plan to kill the nations they have infiltrated. Just like they have with every other country on earth. We’re next.

Unless we do something about it.





England – Guy Fawkes Day. He was leading an uprising against the Jewish control of England. He was killed. The celebration is to Burn Guy Fauks in effigy every November 1st. This is for the kids.

Columbus Day – The Jew Columbus brought 3 boatloads of Jews and an arsenal of weaponry to kill the people and take over the lands. They of course knew that “America” was there. This was just the takeover.

It was not to prove that the world was round. It was not for a closer route to India. They knew what was there, they knew what they wanted.

1492 was the “Expulsion” of the Jews from Spain. No. It was the planned migration of the huge populaton of Jews in Spain, who already made the Inquisition to destroy non-Jews who disagreed with the Churches the Jews created.

So deeds done in Spain. Squashed the people, all that’s left are orphans and slaves. Let’s go to the new world and do it there. And they did.

The Columbus armada of 1492 lands on the shores, and the beginning of Jewish power in the “Americas” has begun.

THANKSGIVING – Do I even have to explain that one?

HALLOWEEN – Do I even have to explain that one?

CHRISTMAS & EASTER – The Jews create a religion to destroy and control non-Jews. It’s called Christianity. Part of the fable myths of the religion include a virgin birth, Christmas; and a dead man rising from the grave, Easter. Not much more to add to that.

New Years – The Gregorian Calendar is a farce. Farcical invention. It confuses us about time by having unequal months. It divide 365 days stupidly. The months, the days of the week are all named after Gods, they co-opted, that we have no allegence to or understanding of. The Calendar was deliberately made in the XXX Century AD by the Christian Church to do exactly what it’s doing. To Confuse us. To mess up our relationship to time, seasons. The only way we know what day it is, is to refer to their Calendar. This Calendar goes all over the world. Everyone uses it, or you will not be “on board” with the rest of us.

The other holidays, that they let us create, all serve some other possibilities for their abuse of them.

So Let’s All Celebrate! Just like how they tell us to! 

Merry MindFuck Day!

Happy Jewish Imposition of Power Day!


No thanks. We’ll abstain. And we look forward to the day when we will create holidays that we all really can celebrate together.