Columbus Expeditions were Boatloads of Jews


Jews on Columbus Ship – Columbus was Jew too.
The fraudulent expulsion of Jews was how Jews invaded other countries begging for free shelter and benefits to be saved and taken in, thereby destroying their rescuers, as is today. Here’s an article about the “first jew” in America – when Columbus landed in Cuba, and did not “discover” America as the deception of history and schools told us.

There were civilizations before then, in America, that were not the brown skinned peoples.
The world knew there was an America. Vikings visited.
New York / New Amsterdam / Freemasons+Jews took over 1776, that’s the false celebration, but there was a thriving country before the overthrow and other presidents before the Luciferian Freemasons like Washington, etc.

1492 was when Jews were “kicked out” of Spain.

So coincidentally, thousands went to America to take over that country. Which had not been entirely “Native Americans” as we think of them at all.

Maps from the good Vikings who navigated the oceans of the world had been handed down. The Vatican was the Jewish hand that destroyed the good Vikings as the Jewish directed these slaughters then re-wrote histories to lie about the good Vikings.

They knew America was there. There was no “Discovering America” Everyone knew it was there. The true source of the name was not a map maker named Amerigo. “America” was a good Viking word.

Everyone knew the world was flat. In the 1500’s the Jesuits enforced the “ball earth theory” in schools and created globes, etc to really mess with us.

Columbus shuttled Jews back and forth for many years. So did others. Columbus was Jewish. Perhaps part Italian, but fully Jewish.

When Jews are “kicked out” of a country, that country is usually decimated by the other countries that the Jews control. As we learned in Hitler’s Germany, so it was true here in Spain.

The “New World” was a new base of operations for the Jews, but first they had to genocide those who were living in in “America” just like they did in all the other counties they invade. And of course, they get others to do it for them, by way of treachery and deceit.