What You Need to Know First…

What you need to know first is that there was no Holocaust. There was no deliberately imposed mandate for the extermination of Jews in Germany by Hitler before or during World War 2. This is a proven fact, but you have been lied to through the Jewish owned News Media, Hollywood, and the Education system which the Jews control.

This is why when people disagree with the official Jewish version of the Holocaust narrative, they are often faced with scorn, name calling, and in Europe and many other countries you could actually go to jail just for questioning the Holocaust.


This is very close to happening right here in America. The so called “Hate Laws” that are being considered are designed to toss “Freedom of Speech” right out the door. This is why we need to get this information out to you as soon as possible. There may be a very slim window of opportunity before our “Free Speech” is a thing of the past, especially when it comes to discussing Jewish matters.

The Holocaust was their masterpiece of the false narrative. They guard it aggressively because it imposes the idea that the Jews are innocent victims, and the non-jews should forever feel guilty for something that in actuality we are all innocent of. But through guilt they can disable our clear thinking and clear decision making.


The education system is a mess and has been a tool for manipulating all of us since we were children. We were fed false information, what we needed to know was kept hidden, and we were indoctrinated since early on. As innocent children we were taught some basics (reading, writing, and mathematics), which we should have been able to learn far more quickly. But this was mixed with false narratives of History, among other things. They conditioned us, took our precious time and our childhoods from us. And now we believe the lies that Hollywood tells us about everything, including our so-called “history”.

Science? They’re the ones who promote “Theories” that are still unproven, and after over a hundred years of arguing their theories, it’s very likely those theories are completely bogus.

We live in a world where most of us don’t know what’s really going on… and that took a long time and some deliberate intent to pull off.

Who were our ancestors? Where did we really come from? Why are ancient civilizations, far more advanced than ours, with unique human skeletal remains, left unexamined and not talked about?

If we knew who we really are, things would be very much different… and that’s what “Certain Someones” are so desperately trying to keep hidden from us.

Because the less we know, the more controlled we can be.

And because our parents and ancestors were also lied to and deliberately misinformed, they were acting on false premises that screwed them up too. So they suffered, and that suffering and lack of knowing was handed down to us.

“The Jews in Power” have been able to keep control of us for generation after generation, by controlling schools, media, government, religion, science, and all major systems that control any society.

They define themselves in the media by claiming “We’re just helpless innocent victims and so misunderstood”. Which is the perfect cover. Evidence shows there is a “Jewish Elite” who clearly own everything, act innocent, and perpetrate atrocities under cover. And the rest of us haven’t a clue because it is so well orchestrated. So welcome home, now we know, and it’s time to clean house.

We’ve all been lied to.  Lied to about who we are and what we can become. The nature of our very souls has been cut off from our conscious awareness. We’ve been conditioned as to how to behave, and to timidly accept domination from “The Powers that Be”, even to the point of allowing “them” to sacrifice our very lives and cultures to whatever whim they desire.

The truth is that there is a “Jewish Elite” that is in power and controls the world today. It has been in power since time immemorial. And they are in control of you now.


The next thing you need to know is that this same Jewish Elite was responsible for the events of 911. The attacks on America on September 11, 2001 were completely orchestrated by Israel. That too may seem shocking at first, until you look at the fact that everything since then, 16 years of war, the longest war in American history, has all been for the benefit of Israel and for their genocidal capture and control of all lands in the Middle East.

Do you really want your loved ones to go to war, to fight and die, for Israel? Especially since the real reason for these wars (more land, more power for Israel, and more power for the International Jewish Controllers) is so that Israel and the Jewish stronghold can have more power over you. These wars are ultimately being fought against you and almost everyone else on the planet. Innocent people are dying, you are losing your rights of citizenship, only because some powerful Jews are having a helluva good time doing it.

The patriotic advertising that we’ve been brainwashed with since birth keeps hammering away at the propaganda of “We Stand with Our Good Friend Israel” and the “Innocent Jewish People”. But that’s exactly what it’s been – Advertising.  And the Jews are the Advertisers. And the Jews own Hollywood, and the Jews own the News Agencies, and the Jews run the Advertising companies. The “Higher Ups” want these wars to serve the Jewish Agenda. Gain more power for Israeli and gain more control over you.

Until we realize that we are in a Jewish controlled world, we do not even begin to realize the extent of how influenced our thinking has been by this Jewish Agenda.


These specific Jews run the INTERNATIONAL  *BANKING*  SYSTEMS. When we realize that they have a tight control over everything financial over the world, that they invest in both sides of wars that they create, then we realize the utter domination they have over all of us. They can create financial collapse around the world whenever they want to, and they’ve done it over and over and over again. They can keep any country impoverished. A financial collapse is never an accident, they are well thought out, years in advance, and committed with cunning precision.

They have gained power over us NOT because they are more intelligent or more ‘deserving’ than the rest of humanity. Owning the banks is the KEY to world power. They give no opportunities to those who are not Jewish or not working on their behalf in some capacity. They place their own people in positions of power and keep others out of power. Non-jews, and those who do not support the Jewish Agenda, are forced out of key positions in higher education, out of the media spotlight, out of positions of political power. Again, this is not because Jews have more intelligence and this is not because they deserve more because “their people have suffered”.  This is because, through devious means, they run everything, and the are determined to stay in control.

Fact: They do not care about you.

And not only do they not care about your personal well-being, the fact is that this specific Jewish lineage has been engaged in committing atrocities throughout human history. Whether you know it or not, your ancestors have been victims of their actions, and whoever you are, and wherever you are, as you read this – you are next. Unless we act accordingly.


Here’s another truth that’s been hidden from you. Israel was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. All of the kooky conspiracies theories that have blown smoke in all directions surrounding his death were designed to direct us away from the fact that Israel was the perpetrator. Vice-President Johnson was, himself, part Jewish and he was committed to Israel. President Kennedy was not bowing down to Israel, or the Mafia (also Jewish controlled) and he was not going to do as he was told by the Jewish Elite pushing the Israeli Agenda. He was assassinated by the Jewish Controllers and Devotees of Israel who think nothing of murdering presidents and many other world leaders. Vice-President Lyndon Johnson directed the details of the actual assassination so that he could become President and serve Israel, which he was known to be in full allegiance to.

Please, if any of this sounds far-fetched to you… it should. How could we have possibly known any of this when there has been so much effort put into hiding the truth and sending us in all the wrong directions? Smoke screens, misinformation, money-goes-round, and the well paid actors who are more than willing to play a lucrative game of deception and power.

It’s mind boggling to think that the people we trust as commentators in our news media, politicians, and people we love as entertainers, would be capable of secretly deceiving us. But those are exactly the ones who are always brought in to be part of such things. They’re the best at what they do, so who could be better?


Good societies are crumbling down around us, due to economic controlled demolition, unnecessary wars, forced immigration, political decision making that makes no sense at all… Until you realize who is really in charge. “These Specific Jews” have long been the controlling force that has been doing exactly this for thousands of years. Regardless of their denials, they know what they’re doing and will lie, skillfully and shamelessly, to continue their wrong-headed influence.

Do not feel ashamed for not knowing what you could not have possibly known up until now. A bottomless pit of money is spent by Jewish run banks to enforce their mythologies. Advertising agencies and think tanks around the world are all set up just to find new ways to lie to you in the media, to make you doubt yourself, to limit your thinking capacity. They do deliberate harm to you and to all of us… and they always blame others for their actions. They blame you for being their victim.


Slavery, for instance, has always been big business for the Jews. Jews ran the American Slave Trade. But in the storytelling of the Jewish run Hollywood, they blame slavery upon the entirety of the White race, which is impossible. The slave trade was run by Jews, this is a fact. Most White people of the time were so impoverished they could not own a Black slave, nor did they want to. It was the Jewish plantation owners who used slaves more than anyone else. The Jewish and Christian Holy Books teach that Jews can and should own slaves. The Jews are taught to make slaves of others in their Holy Books as they have written.

The American Civil War was devised by Jewish bankers to crush the economy of The American South because they wanted a banking system controlled by the Jewish bankers, among other things… But that’s not the Hollywood History Lesson, nor is it the voice of our Education System, whose textbook publishers are Jewish publishing houses.

Instead the Jewish narrative is to blame anyone but the Jew for the atrocities of history. Creating “White Guilt” and directing the animosity of Black people away from Jews is their perfect game plan.

By the way, do you notice how they sprinkle news reports with urgings of “Civil War” breaking out today?  Again pitting brother against brother, Black against White, White against Black. You hear it in the media, they know what they’re doing. Don’t fall for it.

We are told to blame White people, alive today, for Black slavery in America over 150 years ago. We are told “White Guilt” is the only right thing to feel. But Jews were responsible for slavery in America and for the perpetrating the genocide of the Native American populations. Yep, blame Whitey for that too, ad nauseam. Enough already.

The White race has also been the victim of genocide by the Jews throughout human history. Historical facts are presented throughout this website. Millions have been slaughtered by the Jewish overlords. Please educate yourself. Time’s a wasting.


You have slowly and systematically been stripped of your pride and only you can bring it back.

Whites themselves have been enslaved by the millions, throughout European history, by the Jewish slave trade. Yes there is living proof of this fact. But the Histories that the Jews want you to believe (taught in schools, drilled into you by Hollywood) certainly have no intention of making blockbusters about this. What they do not want you to know, will not be revealed, as long as they’re in charge. They protest loudly any utterances of “contrary truth” and their denials are galling.

It was White people who fought and died to end slavery. Period. White people ended slavery in all Western nations. Period. But even today, many nations that are controlled by Jewish domination still inflict slavery upon people, which of course includes sexual slavery. Slavery has always been a Big Business for Jewish Businessmen. This world must become forever free of the Jewish enslavement of all people.


Finally, now that we know what has been going on all along, and the gross deceptions that we have been living under, a new possibility is now open to us:  Liberation.

With this new awareness, you can automatically drop the chains imposed upon your mind, and you can free yourself. You stand taller, think clearer and act decisively, now that the yoke of this history of deception is lifted from your shoulders. You are free in your soul. And soon, when all know people know the truth, we can begin to remove the tyrants from power, and then our collective human societies can also be truly free.


Along with this will come the most difficult and yet the most liberating change within ourselves.  We have to come to terms with our own cherished religious beliefs. The ways they achieved control over you must be honestly examined in your own life. No matter what country you were born in, you could not possibly have escaped some sort of religious influence. Today, every country, every nationality, is surrounded by a particular religious influence unique to that culture. In America it’s Christianity. In the Arabic worlds it’s Islam. Other countries have other religious influences.

Now please gently realize these facts:  The Jews created Judaism. The Jews created Christianity. The Jews (and this is known) created Islam. These religions always have been and are right now directed by Jews.

Through religion we are all controlled at the most profound level of our souls, to such an extent that even our connection to our Spiritual Source is blocked by stories of human conflict in “Holy Books” rather than by a true awareness of our true spiritual natures in the here and now. Even our spiritual connection has been taken from us, due to these religions, that the Jews control, that have been forced upon us since birth. The controllers of religion, control who we think we are in relation to the Greater Universal Reality itself.

In history, if our ancestors did not believe as they were told to believe, they would be executed. This is not the work of a loving God. This is murder for power and greed and domination… by the Jews.

Their deception and their control over us is such that, even reading this information right now, can create deep conflict and emotional turmoil for the reader. This goes against everything ingrained in us, so fear arises to shut down any receptivity to honest information. Just as they intended.

But as we open our eyes to this, we will find liberation from their domination, and a re-awakening of the goodness and innocence of our true spiritual nature, and  a true spiritual awakening can emerge within each and every one of us.