The problem with many resources in this movement of awareness is that many of the best and the brightest of the researchers and informers fall into a nasty habit of not just implicating the Jews, rightfully so, as behind the treachery and pain they’ve inflicted upon us… Unfortunately some of these brilliant researchers and documentary film makers fall into a grievous error of taking a few swipes and other segments of society.

Gay Bashing, Feminism and Women’s Rights, Non-Whites.

This is the greivous error that they have made all along.

All of these people are also victims of Jewish dominated culture. And if we could all band together, we could liberate ourselves from it.

When you rightfully point out what he jews have done and are doing. But then you also take a shot at non-jews, you actually push away the very people who would be our allies in overcoming the real threat to humanity and life on earth.

Stop attacking the wrong people!

Only go after the Jews.

So much has been lost by some spokespersons kicking gays, women and non-whites in their otherwise accurate depiction of the Jewish threats.

If there was one message I could give to the self-appointed leaders of this movement it would be just this – Knock it off with bashing anyone but the Jews. Until we all band together to address the actual threat, and our common enemy, we have lost. And it would be our own undoing.

Now, more than ever – It’s the Jews – Nobody else is to blame.

Unite as one voice. This is what can bring all of humanity together. It must. Until it does, the Jews will have those groups of people thoroughly against those who speak for this movement. They have one by using their usual tactics – divide and conquer.

We must unite for a common good to free ourselves of a common pestilence.

The parasitic deception of the Hebrew race has conquered all of us, in all cultures and of all gender proclivities. The Hebrew is the enemy of us all.

If we unite to conquer the enemy, we will win. But only if we unite and work together.

Until then, the division the jews have created in our minds and hearts will continue to be the weapon of our undermining.

Jews are the culprit. Everyone else is their victim. All of our ancestors have suffered for this.

If the spokespeople of this movement continue to take potshots at our fellow non-jews, then we have wasted our last opportunity for cultural freedom from the true enemy.

Please – my loudest and most important request to my fellow human beings is stop being unkind to and stop making enemies of who we need to be working with us, our friends of other races, genders and belief systems. We need each other, working together. IF we do not bring all people together in opposition to the jews, then the jews will use those who have been marginalized and pushed away from this movement to be the very ones who will crush us.

Please change the tune. Unity not division in oppositions to the jews.