Hello Newcomers!

If you are a Newcomer to this information, congratulations for your intellectual curiosity to find out what all the fuss is about.

We hope to present to you a wide range of research about everything under the sun. Some of the things you learn here may shock you, but the truth is worth it, no matter how unsettling it may be at first. It’s like slowly lifting the veil that we didn’t even know was covering our eyes.

We’ve collected together the best information we could find for you. It’s what we all wish we had been handed when we were first opening up to this huge wealth of ancient and modern investigation.

First, of course, there is plenty of room to disagree with the presenters and the “presentation styles” of some of these videos. Especially if they veer off into making snide comments about gays and people of different races. This is unfair and it only serves to take them off-point about the real issues at hand. But humans are still damaged, flawed and reactionary, so we have to set that aside, because the content about the Jewish issue is what we’re focussing on here.


We need to set aside loaded terms like “Anti-Semitic

That’s not what this is about, and there’s too much at stake that can no longer be brushed aside.



Let’s talk about the Media and public opinion. Let’s talk about what influences decision making for the big public issues. Controversies that should be open to fair public discourse are being ramrodded through. One example: We are at War, there is talk of more War, and there is no discussion permitted about ending it. Those who want it are running with it.

There are many other huge issues at stake now as well. But we often refrain from speaking out in disagreement, even to friends, for fear of retribution. What is or is not “Politically Correct” stymies our thought process. Even when we see our beloved cultures careening off a cliff, we are still afraid to go against a “popular opinion” as is dictated to us by the MEDIA – the Prime Enforcer of Public Opinion.

Forced Immigration is happening to the detriment of all concerned, but if you seek better solutions, you’re called “racist” and attacked with other shut-down techniques. Almost like people were trained to respond just like the media pundits do.

Many of us have far better answers to every world problem, but those would be shouted down in favor of the “Jewish Agenda” Many of us share our deep concerns, in whispered tones, along with a palatable fear to speak about it, because it counters how the media tells us to behave. It’s almost like there is an invisible yet enforced societal taboo about voicing our honest concerns. We see things happening in society, something deep inside says this is so wrong. But the outer world scolds us if we do not accept and go along with the enforced opinion. Even if it’s counter to our reason, logic, intuition, and heart.

The Media Creates “Public Opinion” – Obviously.

So what we need to constantly remind ourselves of is the fact that

The Media is Primarily Influenced by a “Jewish Agenda”.

And this “Special Interest” wants to push through their plans of world domination regardless of how bad an idea it really is. Selling bad ideas is part of their basic operating procedure. And as we’ll see with the Wars, the Forced Immigration, and other disastrous international policy decisions, not only are these clearly orchestrated by a Jewish-Israeli Agenda, and not only are they no good for the rest of us, but also –

These Policies are Actually Not Good for the Jews Either.

It is essential to demand open discussion on policies in order to find fair and reasonable solutions.

We need to set aside the heavy handed slurs and unfair accusations that are hurled at us. We are not “Anti-Semitic” for caring. We are not “Racist” for wanting to help people return to their homelands if they were deliberately displaced by Jewish concocted Wars or Jewish contrived Economic downturns.

These verbal attacks upon all of us are intended to shoot down honest conversation (and fact finding), and push through the wrong-headed Jewish Agenda. However, a good many investigators are uncovering the facts and it’s time their voices are heard.

 We hope this website will inspire your curiosity, and help you shed any previous misconceptions about this subject.

The message (and the messengers) have been “on the fringe” through much of human history. Sometimes rising up to more prominence in public awareness, but usually marginalized, shamed, and sometimes outright destroyed by the Jewish Controllers who enforce public opinion and punish those who dare to disagree.

But if you allow yourself to simply examine this information, then you’ll learn a lot… You’ll also see that those of us who know these things, and want to help others know – are not “monsters” – as the Jewish Media tries to make us out to be.

You too have the capacity to examine information objectively and draw your own conclusions. No harm will come to you for simply seeing for yourself what all the fuss has been about.

The Good New is that (in America) it’s Still Safe to Examine this Information

There is so much information out there, and it is freely given, and it is easily accessible. Plus you are going to familiarize yourself with a wonderful community of concerned citizens who are sincerely trying to make the world a better place, by drawing attention to those very few Elitists who are hampering all attempts for a New Human Awakening and for people to simply have more power to control our own destinies. It’s a fair request.

Pretty big stuff, huh?  So welcome aboard. You’re in for an amazing journey of discovery.

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AS ALWAYS – There’s a lot of information here, so pick and choose what draws your attention first. Find what resonates with you now. Give yourself time, you can come back later, everything will be here waiting for you. It is set up in some sort of logical order, top to bottom, kind of a step by step lesson plan of what’s going on. But follow your intuition first. There are a lot of dots to connect. A larger picture will emerge. If only half of the information is true, that’s pretty spooky. But it’s all true, so remember to breathe.

Thank You for Your Open Mind & Your Open Heart … It’s All You’ll Ever Need.

Less than 2 years ago, I never would have believed any of this. Now I’m 100% on board. But it took actually viewing it with an open mind. I’m glad I did. You will be too. I’d rather know the ugly truth than live an ugly lie. It’s our only way out of the dark and into the light.

May what you learn here empower you to take your life back from the “Powers That Be” and the minions who are in service to their agenda. Cheers to you for venturing into this ongoing discussion that the human race has long been engaged in.

We can only solve problems by understanding them. For this we need to be bold enough to look and listen, and let our minds catch up with the newfound knowledge. We can open our hearts to the possibilities of new ways of living. We can truly make life better than it has ever been before.