Those Who Tell the Truth Will Be Heroes – Recovered Jews, Freemasons & The Underground Knowers Can Awaken

For Jews and for Freemasons and for others working for the Darkside.

The way to their liberation and redemption is only through the awareness that they have been bamboozled and that from the top down they have been used by sinister forces and all along no one gave a shit about them. They were deceived, even as they were taught to be deception. Game over. All is to be revealed. And the best revelationists could possibly those who were on the ‘inside’ all along.

An awakening to the truth only requires admitting the truth that was once hidden or that one did not at first want to see. The freedom they seek will be the truth they tell.

Jews themselves may be the lifesavers.

Freemasons and other involved in secret societies and underground workings will not only save their own souls, but will be the heroes in the end, simply by stating the facts plainly and clearly.

Telling the truth will set you free.