Examining the Facts of History and current events

There would be no wars if banks did not fund the wars.

The banking systems is run by a Jewish Elite.

The Banking System is run by a global network of the Jewish Elite.

Communism was almost entirely Jewish run and is responsible for the deaths of 40 million russions,

Hollywood is run by Jews.

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The banking system i s run by jews

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America and most countries are run by jews

Freemasonry is run by Jews and significant people in history were freemasonry were Freemasons doing the bidding of the Jews who are in control of human events.

Famous Freemasons who worked for Jewish interests:

Churchill. The Roosevelts. Truman. George Washington Ben Franklin. J Edgar Hoover.

These are people who controlled the events of history. They were dedicated Freemasons, doing as they were told. founder of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, current Italian prime minister Berlusconi,

Freemasonry is Judism for gentiles. Pedaphilia is rampant in Freemasonry. Freemasonry worships Judaic teachings and is sworn to secrecy about what they do

Significant people in history were adamant in warning us that there was a Jewish “cabal” that was in control of human events. Includen:

Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, The Kennedy Famlly.

These people actively warned us about the Jewish threat and you can even go to their biographies on wikipedia (jewish run) to read about their “anti-semetic”

TS Elliot. Will Rogers who humorously dictated American politic 20’s & 30’s.

Facebook (jewish owned)

It doesn’t mean that jews are smarter, it means they run the banking system, the legal system and the media and they have more control to seize power and take over the media, etc, which they have done. The internet is controlled by Jewish interests who block you from recieivn info and if you do research you are too you are anti-Semitic just for .

No, don’t look there. Why are we not allowed to examine evidence that clearly shows that there were not gas chambers in the labor camps of WW2. There was no mass extinction policy in WW2. There is an ongoing flood of movies about a Holocaust. But no movies about what Jewish communism did to the white race of Russia, Ukraine, and all of Europe, China, and the world. Jews run Hollywood, Jews create the narrative and the “Entertainment” that

All you know about history you learned on TV. Entertainment is brain washing.

If you read books about history… Remember, most books are published by Jewish run publishers. Magazines and newspapers too. The information you receive about anything is administered to you by Jews who work for a Jewish agenda that is lying to you about everything.

Words like racist and anti-Semitic are weapons against thinking for yourself.

Jews do the crimes and whites are blamed. Thereby creating racial tension.

The “refugee crisis’ is created by and for israeli interests to destabilize European countries and to expand their landholdings (Palestine has been under attack by Israelies

Judaism created Christianity to control non-Jews. Jesus was Jewish. Most of the Bible was written by Jews.

Islam was created and is run by Jews to control non-Jews in that region of the world. Mohamed was Jewish from a jewish town of Medina. The Koran is filled with Jewish biblical stories.

With religion we are lied to about our true spiritual essences.

Einstein was Jewish. Freud was Jewish. Science & Psychology then and now run by Jews and education systems, run by jews, push an agenda of making

Charles Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus Darwin was a Freemason and Charles’ chief promoter Thomas Huxley was a freemason/jew. Freemason scientists include:  Copernicus. Issac Newton

Freemason philosophers: I think therefor I am. Descartes

Jews get more Nobel Prizes because Jews run the Nobel Prize organization in Sweden.

Jews get more entry into the best universities because jews run the universities.

Jewish run Healthcare systems are killing us all.

911 – Entirely created and run by Israel & their Mossad organization. Israeli interests run the American government and most governments on earth. Governments that do not comply are toppled and replaced by Israeli operatives.

JFK assassination – Kennedy did not cooperate with Israeli’s leadership. He investigations and to prevent them building the D nuclear bomb plant. The assassination was LBJ (fervent israeli supporter and secretly 1/2 Jewish himself) and Israel.

What’s wrong with the world?  IT’s the JEWs who have been and are in control of all the major social systems including Healthcare, Educations, the News Media and all ov our lives. It is secretive and in history they have used non-jews who have been brainwashed by Freemasonry to do their bidding.

How to save the world? Remobe the jews from power. Replace them with good people who want to do good things in the world.

See the website IT’S THE JEWS. COM


Information can set us free. Information is all we have to defend ourselves and liberate ourselves from the oppression that all human races are being attacked by, we are the victims of Jewish overlords. We have to know WHO is behind all the tragedies and oppressive practices in the world, and then we will know how to unite and take back our lives, countries, and know our true spiritual source and potential for self expression and happiness.

The Jesuits, who run the Vatican, are a demonic creature. George Stephanopolis,

The UFO debate is run by jews, Jesuits and Freemasons – Daniel Sheehan, John E. Mack, Dr Stephan Greer, Edgar Mitchell. Friedman. So who knows what’s true about the details and the storyline there.

Most Astronaughts were Freemasons and there is evidence that NASA and the space missions were not forthcoming about many claims as to going to the moon and the shape of the earth. All photos of earth, planets and space, are photoshop art creations and computer generated images. We are lied to about the very Shape and substance of our home base.

Jewish Newscasters – “Israel has a right to defend itself” I stand for Israel. Are comments of politicians and news personalities who work for Israel.

Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blizter, Amy Goodman,

British power was seized by the Jews centuries ago. Invasions of other countries were about Jews getting freemasons into power and having them conquer other countries to do the bidding of the Jews. English were the victims of their own political leadership, as is true with every country today.

America is held hostage by Jews who only care about Israeli control and domination. The same is true for your country and every country. Parliament is run by Jews and Freemasons. America is run by Jews for Jews.

911 – Complicated trail of Jews all the way up. Follow the chain of command of those who withheld information and were in control of the government branches and ‘hearings’ all were Jews with longstanding ties to Israel.

Politics is divided because all sides of political arguments are run by Jews who are in control of political decision making.

The history of Freemasonry, and Jewish control of freemasonry goes back to Knights Templar, Scottish Rite, York Rite, and the control of your own country and the countries of your ancestry, no matter where you’re from.

Jews control the Afghan poppy fields which produce almost all of the Heroin that is destroying Americans and European communities. The drug abuse crisis is run by Jews, although they employ non-Jews to push the poisons to their target market.


The Jews are and always have been pitting brother against brother in wars of stupidity for Jews to take power. They run the banks That fund both sides of all wars. They control the politicians that vote for wars. They run the media that pushes for wars and lies to us about why we are engaged in stupid wars that benefit only Jewish interests like Israel having more and more power over the region and all other world governments.

The civil war in America was mostly about banking, and genocide of whites.

World Wars 1 and 2 killed hundreds of millions of

China and Mao and the Chinese Revolution was run by Jews

Lenin was Jewish, Stalin was Jewish, the Russian Revolution was the take over of Russia by Jewish interests who slaughtered Russians, Ukrainens and everyone who was non-Jewish.

Jews do not consider themselves white. Jews can be mixed race of any race. Every race can be mixed with Jewish blood and be self-identityied Jewish even if they secretly present themselves as.

Almost all of the multi-billion profits of the pornography industry is run by and created by jews and debases love and honest relationship. Pornography makes sexuality look and feel gross. Exploitive and abusive and severe absence of actual love. Pornography is rampant in the mainstream media and makes gay and straight look bad and twisted. We are lied to about how loving we can be.

All human races must unite against the

Divide and conquer is how they control us.

Stop believing the media stories about dividing us up by political affiliation and race and religion.

Walk away from how the Jews would define you by Religion, political affiliation and race.

Be the true soul you are. See others as also oppressed by the Jewish Agenda that has historically and for thousand s of years only sought to create Genoide, slavery, and ruin to nations and to all races. The Jewish race is

Their “ghettos” are the best neighborhoodds.

The Jewish elite who control the world create the money that controls the world. They don’t have to do anything to MAKE money because they MAKE the money itself.

The global economy is and always has been run by Jews. They created the current economic and the banking systems of the world. If they want an economyic collapse they schedule it to the date, time and minute. IF they want a country to be in poverty, they do it.

Jews do horrible things of history and the media, run by jews, lies to us and tells us to make white feel feel guilty for the horrible things they created.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. We need to take our power back.

If you ever feel miserable about yourself and the world, it’s because those who run the world are lying to us all about who you are. From religion to politics to sex to addictions that debilitate us. The Jews who run everything are in a cabal (cabala) to create exactly what is happening in the world and to bring you down and destroy you. They have been behind every genocide of every race, every political disaster, every war (by running banks and media and countries).

The only way to change the world is to remove from power those who are controlling the world – and they are, coincidentally, Jews who have the power over Banks, Media, Poliics, Religions, Science, Education, and just about everything else.

We must remove those from power who are abusing their power over us. We must replace them with good people who want to do good things.

As long as bad people are in power, bad decisions will be made that do the severe harm to you and the rest of us.

Please read, research and understand this informantion. It’s our only hope to save the good people, create strong independent nations, and to heal the earth itself.

All the major corporations are run by Jewish interests. Those corporations are often doing dastardly deeds around the world and to your health and well-being.


Stop watching the Jewish run media – you are being lied to.

Start researching this subject – who really controls you and everything

Start with the website

And start googling.

Also notice how much is being repressed from your research if “there was no holocaust” shows that websites are being hidden from you, start to ask yourself why would those in power, prevent you from asking questions.

HOw triggered are you, from the brainwash of the media saturation we have lived through all our lives, Jews run it. Jews programmed you to pity the Jew and hate your own race. Blame yourself for Jewish sufferings and not see that it’s the Jews who are torturing and genociding you.

Turn away from the MEDIA. Stop being Entertained to Death.

It’s all controlled by a Jewish agenda to control you.


Get your soul back.

www. ITS THE JEWS . com